Residential Customers

We Also Offer

Custom PC Builds

Need a new computer? How many times have you had store bought systems stop working shortly after the warranty expired? Modern PC manufacturers cut costs by sacrificing quality parts for lower-end "equivalents".

We only use the highest quality parts. Let us build your next system! Call for a quote today!

Data Backup & Recovery

When it comes to your precious photos, important personal or financial documents, and basically anything stored digitally the most critical thing is a good backup plan. Even keeping a copy on an external or USB drive may not be enough.

If you need help designing a backup solution or have already lost data and would like to try recovering it give us a call! Call for a quote today!

Network Configuration

Network cable runs, router & modem configuration, secure wireless setup, sharing content between all of your systems, remote access to your home systems... these are just a few things we can do for you.

Any job, big or small, simple or complex, we will get it done quickly and correctly! Call for a quote today!